Posts from ‘August, 2009’

installing APC & uploadprogress on CentOS 5 [updated]

First, we need the pecl command so we can download and install APC from the repositories. I use the “remi” repo to give me the latest packages, so use “–enablerepo=remi” if you have it installed. yum install php-pear But, this will not run on its own, we need the following package for the phpize command: […]

GMAIL and Apple Mail singing together… amazing

Maybe someone out there already found this… but Gmail and are singing together quite nicely. Today I was replying to an email from Mail and noticed something very interesting… Then when you keep typing more… you will see the little box on the bottom saying your conversation in Gmail has been updated… Clicking on […]

UberCart Drupal Theme [updated]

Update: It’s no news that TopNotchThemes has released an awesome free theme for Ubercart called Acquia Prosper. this theme is built on the Fusion Core base theme and the Skinr module. I currently have a few clients requesting Ubercart on their Drupal site. I will be taking a close look at Acquia Prosper soon, so […]

include PHP inside custom Drupal modules

In an attempt to make my sites more dynamic and easier to manage, I use PHP includes quite extensively. I like the idea of make a change in a single file and have it propagated to other sections of the site that call upon it. However, when you want to have multiple custom modules in […]

New projects…

busy busy busy… Got another Drupal project booked… this time I’ll be using UberCart instead of OsCommerce. UberCart is a native Drupal module that offers comprehensive e-commerce features to the platform. UberCart does require some effort to configure and it really doesn’t work straight out of the box (unlike OsCommerce) but it takes full advantage […]