Fixing Benq DW1640 DVD Burner ejection problem…

I have been having this annoying problem with my DVD burner… the tray won’t eject unless I use the pinhole release. After Googling, I noticed there are a lot of DW1640 and rebranded Sony drives having the same problem. However, no solution was found.

So today I decided to take a crack at it and see if I can figure out the problem. The drive is out of warranty anyway… and it still burns fast and solid.

After some testing, I realized the cause of the problem was the little rubber belt connecting two spin wheels that controlled the ejection and retraction of the tray.

I guess the elasticity of the rubber must have worn out over the years, and the wheels were left to spin freely.

The simple solution was to replaced the worn out belt with an elastic band. :)

I found an elastic band with slightly shorter circumference than the original, so it was a bit tricky to put on. I hooked up the small wheel first, then used two tweezers and pull the band around the bigger wheel.

Problem solved! and gave the old drive a few more years to live.

  • mobile

    well a picture would be fine. Im into same problem, just wondering if it is worth to open the case (newbie in hardware here so not sure if i can handle the process without breaking some stuff inside)

  • frankleng

    sorry didn't take any pictures. maybe next time I take it apart I'll take pix.
    the drive is pretty easy to take apart. you remove the screws and pull away the top metal casing.
    then use the pinhole on the front panel to eject the tray, that'll give you access to the spin wheels.
    Putting on the rubber band will take some patience because there isn't a lot of room. I recommend using tweezers to pull the band and place it onto the wheels.

    It wasn't hard at all. just make sure you don't accidentally touch the laser lens.

  • Terry

    I was wondering why my 1640 was having trouble opening. It would just clunk. I put belt dressing on the belt & it works great. Thanks for the heads up.

  • frankleng

    Hey Terry,
    belt dressing! that sounds like a much easier fix! thanx!

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  • laptop battery

    It would just clunk. I put belt dressing on the belt & it works great. Thanks for the heads up.