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Drupal Tip: Lightbox pop-up on page load

Just like I was, a lot people have been seeking around the web for an easy way of invoking a lightbox as a page loads. Examples including uses javascript to trigger the lightbox. However, scripts like this one does not work with Drupal’s Lightbox 2 module. Here is what I used to accomplish this […]

Drupal and its serious e-commerce muscle

It has been about a month since my last post, but the site is getting some real nice traffic since the posts about my “Drobo Alternative“. So thank you all for the support. I’ve been working my rear off these days… apart from my day job I am working on two other sites. Both are […]

finding the perfect Virtual Private Server (VPS)

I’ve been searching for a cheap VPS for some of the projects I’m working on. I needed an affordable plan… (by that I mean CHEAP! <$20) with great stability and reasonable support. This sounds almost impossible to pull off… even in today’s world. Most popular shared plans cost more than $20… But wait, introducing Unmanaged […]

installing APC & uploadprogress on CentOS 5 [updated]

First, we need the pecl command so we can download and install APC from the repositories. I use the “remi” repo to give me the latest packages, so use “–enablerepo=remi” if you have it installed. yum install php-pear But, this will not run on its own, we need the following package for the phpize command: […]

include PHP inside custom Drupal modules

In an attempt to make my sites more dynamic and easier to manage, I use PHP includes quite extensively. I like the idea of make a change in a single file and have it propagated to other sections of the site that call upon it. However, when you want to have multiple custom modules in […]

New projects…

busy busy busy… Got another Drupal project booked… this time I’ll be using UberCart instead of OsCommerce. UberCart is a native Drupal module that offers comprehensive e-commerce features to the platform. UberCart does require some effort to configure and it really doesn’t work straight out of the box (unlike OsCommerce) but it takes full advantage […]