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Eng Confidential

Let’s first be frank and say that as coders we live pretty lavish lives compared to the rest of the middle class. Especially in the SF Bay Area! If anyone wants to complain about life, it shouldn’t be us. Really, just don’t! However, I often wonder just how efficient we really are… working at these […]

Environmentalism needs a facelift

I studied Environment and Business at the University of Waterloo for 5 years and I have always kept quiet about some of the obvious ambiguities and ironies in the program. We were a passionate group of folks who believed there is common ground to be found between economic growth and environmentalism. However, it was a […]

What is up with tech IPOs?

First all, Happy New Year to all! This is the first post of 2012, and I want to give my 2 cents on why tech stock, especially new IPOs aren’t doing so hot. Market not understanding value of tech? This is a common excuse tech companies use to explain their lukewarm stock performance. Just look […]

Much ado about Wireless Carriers

Irrelevant Prologue: It’s been a while since my last post, and just want to reassure everyone that I am still planning to do another build of my poor man’s drobo NAS. So please stay tuned and follow me on Twitter to get updates. — Now let’s talk about the main topic – ISP/Carriers. I recently graduated from […]

Thoughts on “Collateral Murder” and Wikileaks [Video Download Added]

If nobody knew what Wikileaks was, they probably do now after the arrest of Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange. It’s ironic how the whole drama of his arrest and other allegations actually boosted the popularity and support of Wikileaks. I have long heard about the site, but never really dug into any depth. I mean let’s face […]

“Too Asian”? – on Canadian Universities

The article was removed shortly from MacLeans due to “controversies”. I personally think it is an interesting and insightful read. The article is rather lengthy, but it addresses many real issues in universities in Canada and the US. (esp. University of Waterloo, which is my school.. and I am Asian.)  =p Update: the article has […]

iPhone vs. Android devices

Recently we’ve had an interesting debate among some friends about which is the better platform. The debate of course came at the expense of my buddy Mitchell McKenna‘s Facebook wall… but nonetheless some interesting points were brought up. Mitch, I’m sorry we hijacked your thread. However, after David’s comment I just had to voice it […]