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greenpois0n RC 6.1 untetheredly jailbreaks iOS 4.2.1 [Mirrors Added]

This will be a short post regarding the new Greenpois0n RC 6.1 Release for jailbreaking your iDevice running on 4.2.1.

For the longest time, we had to use the alpha Redsn0w release that not only required a 4.2b SHSH but the actual 4.2b IPSW which is only available to iOS developers.

The Greenpois0n RC 6.1 release is based on a different hack to the kernel that will allow untethered jailbreaking minus the need for 4.2b SHSH altogether. It also fixes the annoying DRM issue with iBooks.

Steps: (mirrors updated, please read on) Continue reading greenpois0n RC 6.1 untetheredly jailbreaks iOS 4.2.1 [Mirrors Added]

Downgrade iOS 4.2.1 on iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple recently released iOS 4.2.1 which added quite a few awesome features including AirPlay, AirPrint, Safari “find on page”, and free “Find your iPhone” feature for iPhone 4. (sorry 3GS and 3G users… Apple purposely wrote you guys out of the deal.) My personal favorite would have to be the Safari search feature. I have no idea why Apple didn’t include this simple feature in the year before…

HOWEVER… along with new features iOS 4.2.1 brought us more woes than ever before as well.

  1. Battery drains EXTREMELY quickly with this release. I would have nothing running in the background of my iPhone 4… and the phone will get warm. It almost feel like the phone is constantly accessing something… and it just drains the battery right out.
  2. Jailbreak is still tethered! This means you have to physically attach your phone to your computer every single time you reboot. so imagine putting your phone into DFU mode and uploading the jailbreak exploit every single time. Not fun!
  3. Cydia and other jailbroken apps still cannot work well with iOS 4.2.1 yet. Although Cydia has been updated to run on iOS 4.2.1 it is still not very stable from what I could tell.

So to sum up… after having iOS 4.2.1 running for 4 days (3 days unjailbroken, 1 day jailbroken) I finally decided to revert back to 4.1
Also, the heating/battery issue was worse after jailbreaking… I tested repeatedly and found this to be true.

So here is how to downgrade your iOS 4.2.1 device to iOS 4.1 or earlier. Continue reading Downgrade iOS 4.2.1 on iPhone and iPod Touch

Maximizing iPhone’s Battery Life

So many people asked for it, and now it’s here. I’m going to give you some very useful tips on how to get the most out of your iPhone’s battery :)

The Facts

  1. Lithium-ion batteries start to lose capacity as soon as they are manufactured.
  2. The battery further closes capacity with every FULL cycle recharge.
  3. Extremely temperature hot/cold will degrade the battery either permanently or for the short-term.
  4. iPhone apps in the App Store that claim to “trickle charge” your battery is completely useless. We will explain this later.
  5. It is useful to have an app to keep track of your battery life and usage.
  6. If your phone is jailbroken, there are some more homework you need to do to ensure a healthy battery.
  7. All lithium-ion batteries are built with an overcharge protection mechanism, so do not worry about leaving your device to charge overnight. It’s perfectly fine.

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iPhone 4

iPhone vs. Android devices

Recently we’ve had an interesting debate among some friends about which is the better platform. The debate of course came at the expense of my buddy Mitchell McKenna‘s Facebook wall… but nonetheless some interesting points were brought up. Mitch, I’m sorry we hijacked your thread. However, after David’s comment I just had to voice it all out. =p
To summarize and bring everyone else up to speed:
For Android (Droid X in particular):

  1. Voice Commands across multiple apps. You can literally talk to the phone to accomplish complex tasks.
  2. True multi-tasking in the background. The app is kept alive in the background as a process, while the iOS suspends the app and stops it from running.
  3. Flash support. iPhone has absolutely no support or future plans to support for Flash.
  4. No need of a media player like iTunes. iPhone is completely depended on iTunes. You need iTunes to activate and install apps on the phone. Many people think iTunes is slow and quite buggy at times.
  5. No curated App Store. You can run anything you want on the Android platform. There is not watchdog to dictate what you can run on your device.
  6. Native Google Apps support, Google Voice, Google Navigation. Many Google client apps are not available on the iPhone. For one, Apple would not allow some of them in the App Store for whatever reason. Also, Google never published an iPhone app for it.
  7. Better battery life than iPhone 4? Someone will have to do some extensive testing to confirm this one.

For iPhone 4, iOS 4:

  1. Apple’s multi-tasking API allows for a much more efficient structure of doing background processes. Multiple apps share the same common background process, which gives more battery life and better performance. At the end, it accomplishes the exact same thing. You have to keep an app running on Android to receive offline line instant messages, iPhone uses Push Notification API while the app quit.
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New iPod lineup

Random Thoughts on : this blog, new iPods, iTunes, Apple TV, DD-WRT Routers

Just look at the title… can we be more random than that? I’ll add bold headings so you can skip to the stuff that interest you, if at all. =)
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This Blog
I’m really quite happy how this little blog has turned out so far. Right now we are getting a steady stream of 3100+ visitors / month, and 75% of them are unique visits! That is quite great for a personal blog that has only been live for a few months. I will continue to focus mainly on DIY projects and the latest gadgets that I own. The point is to give you an unbiased perspective of a honest user who is trying to maximize the value of his investment.
There is not corporate agenda here what so ever. The Google Ads you seen are only there to help pay for some of the hosting cost, nothing more. If you’d like, please do click on them, otherwise feel free to adblock them. =p
Lastly, thank you everyone for your support and kind words in the comments! Please always feel free to voice your opinions! Cheers!

New iPods
So here is the more interesting stuff… Apple recently announced a new lineup of iPods – Shuffle, Nano and Touch (iPod Classic was NOT refreshed).
First of all, I must say that I wasn’t particularly excited about the announcement since I just bought my beloved iPhone 4, and was not going to flip out more cash for iPods. However, the new devices from Apple just weren’t that interesting this time around. Continue reading Random Thoughts on : this blog, new iPods, iTunes, Apple TV, DD-WRT Routers

iPhone 4 Speed Test

iPhone 4 Review + Thoughts on Antenna, Battery life and Cases

Just got my iPhone last week and I thought I’d share my thoughts and experience with it.

The story of “antennagate” has died down ever since Apple’s press conference where CEO Steve Jobs acknowledged the iPhone 4’s alleged weak spots in its antenna system.

The myth of “antennagate” states that when you touch the bottom left side of the phone, especially where the black strip is… your signal goes way down and may cause you to drop a call. The science behind it is that the human body is a natural conductor, and once you bridge the two pieces of the antennas (as separated by the black plastic strip) you effectively change the length of the antenna. That length is crucial when you are trying to receive a specific wavelength of energy. People also found by putting a layer of insulation over the antenna joint will ease the problem. Therefore, cases and the so-called “Antenna-aid” methods came to play, and eventually forced Apple into giving out free cases to all iPhone 4 users.

I got my iPhone 4 on August 13th, and went home and began testing these myths of “antennagate”. I found some very interesting results that I would like to share.

  1. “antennagate” certainly exists in Canada as well, despite other reports.
  2. One may lose 2-3 bars in an area with mediocre signal strength by bridging the antennas.
  3. A simple tape or band-aid does not solve the problem. Only a case can effectively eliminate it.
  4. Myths about Apple applying a non-conductive coating to the phone to solve the problem is bogus.
  5. I have yet to drop a single call despite numerous attempts to “death-grip” my phone.
  6. While calls did not drop… 3G data throughput did die.
  7. I was getting 2-3 bars with my iPhone 3G in this area, but now with the iPhone 4 I get 3-4 bars. The new antenna really is better than the old generation… well when it works.

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iPhone 4: Demand > Supply or Marketing > Customers?

Here is my story of the day… I woke up at 4:30 am and arrived at the Fairview Apple Store at 5:20 am hoping to get a good position in line for the iPhone 4. People gradually started showing up after 6:30 am and lined up neatly in front of the storefront. With great anticipation, we were greeted by an Apple Store manager but was told that they did NOT have stock and did NOT know if they will be coming in today. This is a typical icebreaker managers use to “comfort” the fellow fanboys/gals… Not a big deal! Now let the clock tick!

Around 11:30 am, we saw a few shipments arriving at the store… but was again told by store officials that the delivery did not contain any iPhone 4… so time continued to tick. Around 12:45 pm people started to get excited because a few large boxes showed up! But again… NO IPHONE 4s! The good thing was… time knows no limits… and either did any of our fellow fanboys/gals! Therefore, another 3 hours flew us by… but the only thing it left everyone with was the ultimate truth – THE STORE WILL NOT BE GETTING ANY IPHONES TODAY!

People looked at each other in dismay… How could an Apple Store be out of iPhones and not know when the next shipment is coming in… but only to drop a definitive nuke after making people age while standing in front of the store? This just does not make sense! Why couldn’t the manager get this information sooner? Knowing that the information could be obtained… but only to tell customers that they have wasted their life waiting! I think the answer to this has something to do with the discussed “antennagate” problem. Continue reading iPhone 4: Demand > Supply or Marketing > Customers?