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Connect to a FreeNAS Samba or AFP share on Mac OS X Lion [Workarounds] [Updated]

As previously mentioned, OS X Lion does not support logging into NAS boxes running Samba or AFP servers that employ the DHCAST128 authentication method. Apple documented this as a security update, in which they outright disabled DHCAST128 in Lion. People who are running type of NAS system – FreeNAS or store bought boxes will not work […]

Mac OS X Lion review

Hello y’all! It’s been a while since my last post. but it looks like there is still steady traffic to the site, which is pleasantly surprising! So thank you all very much! Today, Apple shipped MacOS X Lion via the Mac AppStore. It sells for $29.99 USD, and it is topping the charts at the […]

More iTunes, iPhone and Snow Leopard 64bit grief…

I switched my Snow Leopard kernel to 64bit after reading an article online about the performance advantage in Lightroom, and a few other apps. However, lately I realized my iPhone tethering is no longer working. The Macbook cannot see the phone in Network Preferences, and iTunes spits out an unknown error (0xE800006B). I did everything […]

OS Upgrade vs Fresh Install

I get this question all the time… Should I do an update or a fresh install of my operating system? Short answer… Fresh Install > Upgrading Long answer… it depends on how the upgrade went and what you are looking for. I recently did an upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard and noticed very little […]

Macs vs PCs – mythbusters and refreshments

Here we go again… I don’t mean to revisit this ancient old debate of which system is better… but I JUST CAN’T HELP IT! =) Since now I own both systems… I think I can bring some new perspectives and observations to the table. First of all… I’ve been a loyal Windows user since the […]