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Mac OS X Lion review

Hello y’all! It’s been a while since my last post. but it looks like there is still steady traffic to the site, which is pleasantly surprising! So thank you all very much! Today, Apple shipped MacOS X Lion via the Mac AppStore. It sells for $29.99 USD, and it is topping the charts at the […]

iPhone 4 Review + Thoughts on Antenna, Battery life and Cases

Just got my iPhone last week and I thought I’d share my thoughts and experience with it. Antennagate The story of “antennagate” has died down ever since Apple’s press conference where CEO Steve Jobs acknowledged the iPhone 4’s alleged weak spots in its antenna system. The myth of “antennagate” states that when you touch the […]

Early review of Google Chrome OS

As many of you know, Google Chrome OS is now available as a VMware VM. You can download from gdgt I think the guys from gdgt just compiled the source from the Chromium OS project… and using this as bait to increase traffic to their site. Anyway, they did an ok job and you […]